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FOX News
Jan 5, 2014 3:00am PST
quote soon. they make sense under obama care. >> we had the biggest obesity epidemic as a result of the food pyramid that they were totally inaccurate about. do you trust your federal government to tell what you to eat? let us know,
FOX News
Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm PST
are looking ahead to 2014 and the challenges face it is obama administration at home and abroad. we start on the home front where the president no doubt is happy to put 2013 behind him. can the white house move past their obamacare woes? push forward with what's shaping up to be a populist agenda. let's ask dan hager. assistant editorial page editor james freeman. dan, the president has has a comeback strategy, i suspect. what sit? what are the prospects? >> i think it is going to be difficult for the president himself to come back, paul. i think that the -- damage that was done to his credibility with obama kir is pretty significant. you know, saying you can keep your doctor or your health care plan which wasn't true and when the public withdraws its belief in the president, he has a problem. nonetheless, they have a big election contest in november of 2014. i think that a lot of the effort is going to go into -- to the republicans trying to suppress republican turnout and make the republicans look like something you don't want to vote for. >> financing tea party challengers. >> they don
Jan 1, 2014 3:45pm EST
have been restored with the re-election of president obama last year. and here's why. because that election, between mitt romney and barack obama presented two very distinct and clear paths, down which americans could choose to go. the path of the republicans and the tea party extremists who really thought the solution to our nation's budgetary problems was, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and cutting spending. and we watched that movie before and we saw the ending and didn't like it. and barack obama and democrats in congresses past, take a balanced approach to deficit reduction. make some difficult choices in spending reductions but don't cut the heart out of our future likesp education and health care research that really would make us less competitive and also make sure that you ask people who can afford to pay a little bit more by closing tax look holes that people really have no benefit problem. ending tax cuts which we did in january with when we allowed people who make less than $450,000 ah year for their tax cuts to continue who made more for those tax cuts to expire.
Jan 5, 2014 6:30am EST
of marijuana. on the federal level, the obama administration's official position vis-a-vis quote unquote renegade states is not interference. is the era of pot prohibition coming to an end or are colorado and washington on a collision course with the federal government. >> i think it is to a degree coming to an end. which means there will be more pot heads and more high school dropouts and more automobile accidents involving marijuana but there's no doubt there'this deeply libertarian trend. on the left it favors same-sex marriage, gambling, even prostitution legalization of all of these things which used to be considered vices and because of the revenue involved and the beliefs that individuals should have autonomy and on the right there's a libertarianism where everybody has to have his ar-15 rifle and its 30 round clip. this is the sentiment in the country, i think, sort of a decline of community and the rise of the idea of the autonomists and privileged self, and this is a trend and it's going to continue. >> eleanor. >> well, i think it's a state's rights, the voice of a people whic
FOX Business
Jan 5, 2014 9:30am EST
's the dirty little secret controversial filmmaker michael moore saying obama care is awful and insisting america needs a single payer system instead. was this the democrats' plan all along? ringing in 2014 with 40,000 new laws? here's one. americans getting flicked off in one state it's a felony to flick your cigarette butt but flick off big government it doesn't end there. we'll all be paying the price. and then back to what jonathan -- break out the popcorn we put together some great clips. we take a look back and relive the funniest moments of the past year and oh, boy, you're going to enjoy this. "cashin' in," kicking off the new year starts right now. snoets sfloets. >> hi, everyone, i'm eric bolling. our crew wayne, jonathan, and welcome everybody. liberal like michael moore admitting the truth that obama care is awful and can't be fixed. that's not us saying it. it's him. moore saying the president knew in his heart that a single payer system was the true way to go. and now it's up to liberals to maket happen. michele, you know in your heart universal care is the way to go? >> it'
FOX News
Jan 2, 2014 10:00am PST
for obama care, while the administration is trum petting a surge in enrollment and much improved website, the law e mains controversial with the americans and could weigh heavily. and so moving forward, what is the plan for the white house? >> david, good to see you. >> happy new year. and before we move on to november, start today. if you were starting a new business much like the white house is doing. whitehouse.goff. and so i ask you, is the white house lowering expectations? or is this expected strategy on the first day of business? >> i don't know if they are lowering expectations so much as hoping once they move past one of the main issues of the website which they believe they have done largely that people will focus on the benefits and the man dated services and bolster coverage levels. i think it is possible as we move in the months a head in 2014. people like the law and working well for them. and the problem for the white house, they start in a sense from a negative territory. people didn't like the law kwh when it was debated or passed and they didn't like the law when it was
Dec 29, 2013 10:00pm EST
chance to see bbc parliament's westminster review. a look at president obama's second term and some of he issues some second term presidents faced while in office from this morning's washington journal. >> and author and presidential istorian richard norton smith joins us at the table on second as president ies obama is turning the page on the year.d can we say if president obama is falling into a certain mold of a term president? >> no, i think it's amazing how rush to em to be in a get beyond the next three years. the media the part of that can't wait for the next campaign, for the next horse race. a they forget we have president for the next three years. that hes certainly true is experiencing some of the one might call the second term king, offers a curse. but it's something that goes with o the very beginning rare exceptions. george washington had a very term.y second rightly over foreign policy. americans were sharply divided revolution and the impact upon this country. who in his rson, first term bought louisiana. to get up on mt. rush mohr. but in the second term, again, politics
Dec 29, 2013 10:45pm EST
clinton said that it was the crown jewel in the federal penitentiary system and president obama said that one of the mistakes he made in his first term was failing to break out of the white house and moved around the country as much as he should have and now he is trying to change that so we had this problem and presidents recognized it was an adviser to johnson 40 or 45 years ago and he said the biggest problem coming from the presidency was being isolated from reality. and i think if anything it has gotten worse since then because of many of the factors that i'm about to talk about. some of them are positive from the president's day to day life and has a tremendous spurt of office. there's a giant white house staff that's there to do whatever the president wants and there's about 132 household staff members in addition to the political staff. there's camp david at the retreat at air force one and i wrote a book about air force one and i can tell you that of the president might have heard that is the thing they always say they missed the most of the flying white house. having travel
FOX News
Dec 31, 2013 10:00am PST
from obama care. and many americans who signed up are in for a rude surprise. heading to $doctor and prescriptions filled in the pharmacy, that is because they may not have coverage yet and could be in limbo for weeks and months. insurers right now grapple with an avalanche of last-minute applications and david arcs sbin. insurance companies conduct risk assessment and based on complex calculations of averages and problem bility and obama carry undercuts that and basic economics does it not? >> it does. when you write legislation that has nothing to do with economic realities. let's talk about that. insurance companies don't payout claims until there is a pool of premiums to payout claims. the thing with obama care, three months before they pay in the pool. january 1st they can dip in the pool and it is empty and only ralph of the enrollees that signed up put money in according what we can tell. the numbers are sketchy because the dpft is reluctant to give out the numbers. if you have an empty pool, how will you payout people that go to try to get prescriptions filled and go to t
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 11:00am PST
, our look ahead to 2014. after obama care's rocky rollout, can the president get back on track? and push forward with his populist agenda? will 2014 be another big year for stocks, or are there signs of a slowdown? and will the coming year bring historic peace accords or growing global disorder? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. this week, we're looking ahead to 2014 and the challenges facing the obama administration at home and abroad. on the home front, the president no doubt is happy to put 2013 behind him. can the white house move past their obama care woes, pump up sagging poll numbers and push forward with what's shaping up to be a populist agenda? let's ask deputy editor dan hettinger. and assistant editorial page editor james freeman. the president has a comeback strategy i expect. what is it and what are the prospects? >> i thing it's difficult for the president himself to come back, paul. i think the damage that was done to his credibility with obama care is pretty significant, you know, saying you can keep your doctor or health care plan,
Dec 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
with health care. making the health care work is not the most important to president obama but also the country. they'll have to run on health care and need a model of it working. the fact kentucky has gotten it right both on expanding medicaid and the exchange itself, to the point people love connecticut. which is the kentucky version of obama care. i think if steve beshear can make it work, he becomes the model for democrats both to run on the policy and win on the policy. >> i agree on both kentucky and on harry reid. let's go next up to the political flop award. the worst political move of 2013. let's start with you, michael steele. >> well, for me it's glaring. anyone who had an inkling, who brought a fingernail on obama care's implementation. the website, the whole process to me really set itself -- set in motion a lot of the frustration and the concern and legitimate concern that consumers have. not looking strictly political, but people who will have to access this health care system have about what it's going to do going forward. so i think this whole thing was probably the
Dec 30, 2013 4:00pm PST
of "washington post" and joan walsh of salon. now let's look at the hatred of president obama. number three goes to blake farenthold when he openly discussed impeaching the president. farenthold is in support of a ted cruz 2016 campaign for president. this is a clip from his appearance on "hardball" in september. it's remarkable. >> obama's president. ted cruz can be president. >> what do you mean? explain. this is serious business, congressman. you're chuckling about this. you've been touting the guy. he said he could run for president. explain. is he eligible. you brought it up. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas to an american mother even if that crazy theory of trump is true, he'd still be president by that standard. >> listen, we're talking about ted cruz -- >> can't you give an inch mentally? >> i'm telling you that president obama is the president. >> no, no. you brought this up. is he -- >> the answer is yes. >> was he legitimately elected president of the united states? >> i wasn't in congress to determine that. that was determined before i
Jan 4, 2014 8:05pm EST
been sending president obama. this is a half-hour. [applause] >> hello everyone. it's great to be with you this evening. there has been a little bit of a change in plans. i shall be cooking dishes for michelle obama. we will get to that after the devotional. thank you all for being here. it's wonderful to see so many friends old and new. it's like a family reunion a little bit in here so thank you so much and i'm excited to share this book with you but i wanted knowledge my wonderful wife michelle. [applause] we have been married for precisely 82 days now so you see the glow on my face. anyhow thank you all so much for being here. when i first started working for barack obama had no idea who's going to be sending him at devotional every morning and become his spiritual advisor. i was a young kid from nashville teen in tennessee a preacher's kid working on the 2008 campaign. i didn't know him all that well so i did outreach around the country in so many others including many folks in this room that i see. just privately and alone i would pray for that young senator that he wo
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 1:30pm PST
obama's possible reforms to the way the nsa does business. >> i'm going to make a pretty definitive statement in january, where i'll be able to say here are the recommendations that we think make sense. here are ones we think are promising but still need to be refined further. >> but the obama administration is still fighting to keep collecting americans' phone records. on friday, the court said they can continue the data collection, and on friday, they appealed the judge's december ruling which found the nsa's practices likely do violate the constitution. pari paris? >> peter, thank you. >>> the state department is now keeping a close eye on the deteriorating situation inside iraq, following a stunning victory for militants linked to al-qaeda. they're gaining ground. that terror group reportedly capturing the western city of fallujah, and that is raising their flag over the building. now, senator lindsey graham is critical of the obama administration which pulled our troops back in 2011. during the iraq war, the forces fought some of their toughest battles in the city, and gaining
Jan 3, 2014 3:00pm PST
's lead, the gop's new talking point. obama care is skewed. that's right. republicans are back at it. if they don't like a fact, they just pretend it isn't true. remember what they said when the polls showed mitt romney losing in 2012? >> but i also think that the polls onslaught that comes out that shows him behind, i don't think it's accurate. >> i don't want anybody falling for this. i'll analyze these polls and explain to you why they're bogus as the program unfolds. >> let's take ohio and florida first. do you believe the polling today? >> no, i don't. >> karl rove didn't believe the polls. and we all know how well that worked out. it's the same story when the job numbers are good. >> these numbers are phony, fraudulent, and deceptive. >> okay. there's a million less people than we thought working. which some have said, that's kind of fishy. >> obama monkeying the numbers here, jimmying around with things on an election year. >> yep. they'd rather believe the president of the united states was cooking the books than admit the economy was improving. and we're starting to see the
Jan 5, 2014 3:00pm EST
been civil liberties, it could be attitudes toward obama, attitudes toward the health care bill, if you supported the tea party strongly there was no mistaking the statistical relationship. then i started doing more complicated models looking for things that could interfere with the relationship. in the become i have all of the slope and intercept plots put f for presentational purposes because i know some people are not committed to the methodology i am going to keep it simple. but you want to question be on q&a i am happy to oblige you. we did another survey in 2011 geared toward the tea party and everything happening. we got the same results. i have to tell you. the tea party is really committed to their believes. i have had a hand full of crazy e-mails, phone calls, and snail mail even. i got letters from people saying all kind of mean stuff. i got attacked by a journalist in the "washington post" who said what do you expect -- i have graduate students. m this guy said you have a black man a latino, what do you expect your lab to find? and i took offense to that. and that wasn't the
FOX News
Jan 1, 2014 7:00pm PST
, yes. >> was this a good area for barack obama? you're his biggest supporter in the room. >> he's had better years. 2012 was certainly better. i think he saw a huge uptick with the government shutdown. it was then completely squandered when the website -- >> by the $600 million and the botched rollout and broken promises and the lies he told. >> we didn't think it was going to happen, sean. right as we turn into 2014 the obamacare is turning around. the white house is turning the corner. so he's got momentum going into 2014. >> wasn't 2013 the year we saw the obama presidency collapse. we had the wiretapping scandal which touched millennials and this -- >> who thinks this was the year of obama's collapse? >> i agree with you. that's a great analysis. the year of the collapse. obamacare to top it all off, it was a terrible year for the president. we have seen his disapproval ratings. americans don't have faith in the commander in chief. >> you're with the huffington post? >> not anymore. >> you were. so was this a good year for obama? >> i think when you talk about the collapse i don't
FOX News
Jan 5, 2014 4:00pm PST
america. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney talks in detail about president obama's health care overhaul. what he said is obamacare's biggest problem. >>> and a training exercise suddenly turned very real. a medical student looking at a patient with fake symptoms discovered something potentially deadly. >>> i'm harris faulkner. growing concern here at home as the dramatic spike in the violence in iraq continues. the iraqi government is trying to control al qaeda which looks to be stronger than ever there. possibly at stake, years of gains that came at the cost of american lives during the iraq war. the situation seemingly getting worse by the day. a wave of bombings in the capital city of bagdad has killed 20 people and wounded scores more in just a day. and in fallujah government troops continuing to find sand fight entrenched militants. one official is saying 22 soldiers and 12 civilians died there in that city today. fallujah is where the insurgency against american forces began in 2004. more than 70 troops died in a fight to capture that town. secretary of state john ke
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 10:00pm EST
shutdown, the failed obama care roll out and a congress that seemed unwilling to do anything. "consider this" after a year that was filled with political disasters, will 2014 be the year the american public holds its elected officials accountable? plus the stock market as reached all-time levels and the s & p500 rose to 25% in 2013, will 2014 be as prosperous in the financial world? marvel looks to continue its box office domination while other studios look to churn out more sesequels. we'll tell you what movie to his get excited about this year. from the olympics in sochi, the world cup in brazil. 2014 is shaping up to be a big year no sports. welcome to "consider this," predicting what 2014 may have in store for us. we begin with politics. 2013 was a rocky year for our elected officials. president obama fresh off a second term win unleashed an a guess i have agenda that went nowhere. things got especially bad in the summer with a scandal at the nsa. confusion over foreign policy and action to take in syria and a government shutdown in the fall. then the dismal roll out of obama care.
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 11:30am PST
the troubled launch of the obama care website, the administration's reportedly planning a new federal unit that's dedicated to big tech projects. molly hennenburg is live with more. >> that's one of the ideas the obama administration is kicking around. but perhaps the more urgent problem is the government is having difficulty attracting the best and brightest in the tech sector. one former white house innovation fellow told "the wall street journal," quote, we don't have enough people inside of government to make good sound technology decisions. this gap between the public sector and the private sector has really affected their knowledge. one of the most public examples of this is the disastrous rollout of the obama care website. built by government-hired tech specialists, then it plopped. then the private sector silicon valley tech pros were brought in to fix it. an embarrassment to the president who is trying to convince americans that the government can run health care and other big projects and technology can be used to make health care more efficient and cheaper. the obama administration i
FOX News
Jan 3, 2014 10:00am PST
to change the narrative again on the obama care roll out. welcome to america's hq. i am gregg jarret. >> and the 7 million enrollment estimate needed to be reached by march was never an obama administration target they say. critics say this is another example of the white house moving the goal post again. chris stirewall is here and host of fox play. >> it was lowered to throw.3 million enrolled by the end of december and 2.1 enrolled. it was a projection, i ask you was the 7 million role or i fabrication and the government got derailed? >> it depends on what you think the law is intended to do. that is currently what is happening. the discussion in this country right now, what is the point of obama care? the point of obama care was that it would bend the cost curve and make health care more affordable. it would be as washington likes to say a win- win for everybody. but as we get towards full implementation of the law and goes into full affect what the law is doing is insuring the uninsured and the democrats say is a worthy goal. you can't do the other thing. you can't bend the cost
Jan 2, 2014 8:00pm PST
military strikes in syria in twenty thirteen or just some of the topics that the obama administration stumbled through the dinner party takes a look back here that was in the view your white house. then raising the minimum wage the measure was approved last year by several states early two days into the new year when former congressman says raising and actually hurts more than it helps the lower class. that really the case. find out later today show. it's thursday generated second bite them in washington dc and sam sexton you're watching art it but we begin with breaking news about the nsa spy agency hope the links would stop in twenty fourteen. the ochre on to the washington post is reporting on the nsa efforts to build a supercomputer for what they refer to as a crypto logically useful quantum computer capable of breaking any sort of encryption on the internet documents provided by edward started revealing the project is part of the nearly eighty million dollar research program called penetrating a part of targets. civilian computer labs have long been working in the field of quantu
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 9:00am EST
. president obama fresh off a second term win unleashed an a guess i have agenda that went nowhere. things got especially bad in the summer with a scandal at the nsa. confusion over foreign policy and action to take in syria and a government shutdown in the fall. then the dismal roll out of obama care. yale university's library gave its top spot on the list of quotes of 2013 to the president's apology to health care. >> with respect to the pledge that i made if you like your plan, you can keep it, the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> and the first session of the 113th congress now holds the dubious distinction of being the least productive in recent history. it has all laid the groundwork for the important midterm election that his come up in 2014. so what should we expect in our new year? joining us now from los angeles, is michael a political contributor for al jazerra america. from washington, d.c., bill schneider an al jazerra english contributor and professor at george washington university. and here in our studio tom doherty a republican strategist and
Dec 30, 2013 5:00pm PST
in exchange for a repeal of obama care, but this time, the hostage-taking didn't work. this time it didn't work because after giving in to the hostage-takers nearest past, president obama and the democrats stiffened their spines and held firm. >> good morning. crisis averted. president obama and congressional leaders agree on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling, but not everyone on capitol hill is happy. >> the president of the united states saying that the leaders of both chambers and both houses have agreed to a deal to avoid the first ever default in the history of the united states. >> a modest victory for the forces of compromise and centrism. >> two years ago, faced with a similar debt ceiling hostage situation, the president cut a deal with republicans. >> you know, i got 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy. >> in exchange for raising the nation's debt limit, democrats agreed to sharp cuts in government spending. it was a huge victory for republican extortion. >> i want to thank the american people. it's been your voices that have compelled washington to act in the final
Dec 30, 2013 3:30pm PST
thirds rate it poorly. president obama can't take credit and dish out blame for the same economy, conflicting messages don't work and won't work. >> but in fairness, s.e., this problem has been going on for 20 years, through clinton, bush, obama, the lower 80% of wage earners have not seen a real wage increase for 20 years. this is not a republican or democrat problem, but an american problem. >>> fair enough. joins, is hullry rosen, and kevin madden. governor, as our guest host, your first question. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >>> republicans are always talking about tax cuts and this will always be trickle down the truth is these have been tried for a long time, neither terribly successful. it occurs to me it may not be possible for a republican solution to work. >> well, look, again i think those are two very different way toss describe what i think is a more substantive world view, but i think one of the interesting points that was brought up in the introduction is this idea of blame. i think that's where this issue is going to break down politically this year, which is
FOX News
Jan 3, 2014 3:00pm PST
evening. i'm bret baier. president obama has said al qaeda is on the run, on the path to defeat and decimated, yet fighter as lined with what was once the gold standard in terrorism are once again making games in iraq. catheri catherine herridge has an al qaeda surgence in a place where al qaeda fought, died and then left. >> these strategic cities were a third of u.s. lives lost in the war are under siege and at risk of falling to al qaeda extremists. with reports on the ground describing militants carrying the flag flag synonymous with al qaeda, setting fire to jails and setting fire. security is deteriorating. >> let's be clear who is responsible for the violence. it is the terrorists who are behind it. >> in the last week the violence came to a head after a prominent sunni was arrested leading to claims that the government was targeting its political rivals. the defense ministry released this video to underscore bagdad's attempt to push the militants from the two key cities in anbar province, the focus of the surge in 2007. while the president sites the end of the iraq war a
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
by the white house over the continued fallout of the botched roll out of obama care. the obama administration is considering to loosening hiring rules for technology specialist and creating a new federal unit, a layer of government dedicated to major tech projects, projects like, which suffered a debilitating crashes and bugs immediately after going on line and took weeks to resolve most of those problems andine now back end issues are creating headaches for insurers and enrollees as they begin to use the policies for the first time. molly, this is not a done deal and now a new government is stirring up controversy. >> reporter: it always does, harris. a few federal agency that is focusing on launching and updating website and tech projects that are used by the public. wall street reports that this is in response to the obama care roll out in a time when the government is trying to convince americans that government can run programs and technology can be used to make health care more efficient and cheaper. not everyone believes that a federal technology agencies the way to go.
FOX News
Dec 30, 2013 12:00am PST
i am harris faulkner. huckabee is next. >> tonight on huckabee. a failed obama care roll out and a broken promise that you can keep your doctor. and lowest approval ratings of his president so. but the bad news for the president means good nows for the republicans in scott brown on the political landscape tonight. >> last-minute changes are making insurance companies to accommodate the president and his law. what surprises lies a head. >> the catholic church wins a victrow against obama air. will the birth control man date be scrapped from the law once and for all? . ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios and happy now year everybody. 2013 started with followers of president obama feeling like they were the world. there was a confidence and arrogance in winning the 20 authority 12 elections and a new level of partisanship. the president skated past questions of benghazi. and his pals would not throw him accountable. and cony capitalism and showered with taxpayer money and a world falling a
Jan 4, 2014 8:30pm EST
, what type of movement, what have you seen so far as faith in barack obama. see i think his faith deepened. it's a great question. he said that himself. there's something about a constant stream of trials and different things you have to overcome. it slows you down a bit and gives you a sense of perspective. president obama's the last person in the room to panic in the first person to say hold on, let's just put a strategy together and people get through this. that's the perspective that god would have all of us do. it's so easy to look at the challenge is right in front of us and think that they are absolutely going to be the end of the world and yet we serve a god who has raised people from the dead and done all kinds of things and moved onto another challenge. >> that's the dif i think he wants us to have. i have seen the president get it deepening faith in our mind himself as what is more important and spend more time with his family and wiping kids and focus on deepening their relationships. i've certainly seen as faith grow its great question. thank you. any other questions?
FOX News
Jan 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
the president's promise.l nbc news the in october, the obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance. why did they t say that? w >> many of these promises were i made when he was still trying to pass the the point he was trying to make was that this law isn't going to necessarily disrupt the le insurance plans for some americans. it will for some but won't for others because many people ca obtain their insurance through u employers. it's possible employers will us shift people into the exchanges, but the president was nailed on this >> but 6 million people at least got cancellation notices. how could they not have known that one? >> they knew it was coming. once the administration gets ra past most of the problems with its website, there's going to bt this real balance problem. we know that millions of people have lost their health insurance. and we know that others have signed up for health insurance under obamacare, some for the ge first time. gai the question as the new year arrives is,, have more people losten their coverage than gain coverage
FOX News
Jan 3, 2014 11:00pm PST
. and now it's president obama's reality. the president does have 11 state attorneys general breathing down his neck. alan west joins us. good evening. >> good evening and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. i want to talk about the 11 attorneys generals, they have written a letter to kathleen sebelius about president obama overreaching. what do you think this >> they have to be very concerned at the state level. they're looking at a president who once said people had junk plans and were not in concert with the laws they had established. but because of political pressure i would say, the president comes back and says those plans now can be reimplemented. that causes a lot of consternation at the state level when you look at the state insurance commissioners and the real crux of the matter is, they're seeing an executive branch that has really gone about in changing law just based upon their own really whims. you cannot have a separation of powers, co-equal branchs of government that way. if there's to be a legislative change to an established law, it has to go back through congress. t
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 10:00am PST
this hour, taking on the obama administration. coming up, exclusive new details into senator rand paul's massive class action lawsuit against the white house over the nsa spying program. >> plus, assessing the situation in sochi. what russian authorities are now doing to try to keep our winter olympics safe, following last month's back-to-back terror attacks. >>> and predicting the state of the economy in 2014. coming up, we will take a look at how things on main street and wall street are expected to shape up in the year ahead. >>> we begin with this fox news extreme weather alert. there's a huge chill for the record books this time. a deep freeze of historic proportions now sweeping from the midwest all the way to the northeast. forecasters warning some of the low temperatures they're seeing haven't been seen in decades. even places that are used to bone chilling cold aren't taking any chances. for example in minnesota, the governor preemptively closing all the public schools on monday, where the temperature in minneapolis is supposed to hit, are you ready for this, a high of minus 1
FOX Business
Dec 31, 2013 10:00pm EST
's largest technology companies today calling upon president obama and congress to implement sweeping reforms to stop further surveillance. the coalition saying that there is an urgent need to change spying practices. because according to microsoft people who use technology that they don't trust. and there is some irony in this statement when we look atall of the cyberattacks on technology around the country. and a new report about just how extensive the national security agency spying really is. they reportedly spent years spying on online gamers, including those playing world of warcraft. on xbox live. the outrage. obamacare architect ezekiel emanuel said young people haven't signed up for coverage because the obama administration hasn't sufficiently promoted it. my next guest says that he could not rate a greater piece of fiction in the obamacare narrative. we are joined by best-selling conservative author brd the thor. his latest book is called hidden order and it's great to have you with us. >> what it is saying is that obamacare works if you are rich. you will have access to the health
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Dec 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
. barack obama after a convincing win the previous november took the oath of office for a second time and then proceeded to have a tough year as president. the affordable care act has dragged the president to the lowest approval levels of his presidency. pope benedict xvi did what popes never did, he resigned before dieing in office moving the way for new pope francis. the first latin american leader of the church. the market plunged and then soared at the end of the year when the the fed announced a taper. many made headlines in 2013. could you have predicted any of it? let's take a quick look back at a year about to end. >> obama: you and i as citizens have the power to set this country's course. you and i as citizens have the obligation to shape the debates of our time. [ cheering ] >> the taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. they thought the bullet would sal lensilence us, but they fai. [ explosion ] >> the tornado will find the path of least resistence. there is the low ground. there is the water treatment plant on the southeast side. still headed west. let me zoom in
Jan 3, 2014 2:30am EST
the obama administration there was optimism early 2009 but you watched that e. road and now trail the gap workers that are furloughed a huge with the anonymous bureaucrats but they are real people all lots of them are people of color and government services is one of the great ways to insure the middle-class. >> for many of us that grew up we understood that the government could allow for more balance and a level playing field of education or job creation. now the public is very anti-government. not just federal but local. the tip of losses experienced over five years it is tremendous. 600,000 jobs were wiped out and most were women teachers, firefighters, peop le who do your local government. to see that the recession is a slap in the face for people whose try to come up for those diverse communities. as our economy recovers we need to back fill the position and who is in line? and encourage people not to be down on federal or state government it is something more simplistic because someone who takes care of my mother or your father with the imprimatur care, pick up my dad, the veterinar
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Jan 1, 2014 12:30am PST
glorious. >> and finally, president obama taking a firm stand against the upcoming entourage. >> it's not what our founders envisioned. the american people deserve petter. >> these stories on ""red eye"" tonight. >> now let's welcome our guests. she's so cute that squirrels in the park try to feed her. i'm here with dana perrino. he's caused suicide hotline workers to kill themselves with regularity. it's comedian. >> 2013, you over. >> all right. >> and he's a doting father, a loving son and a hopeless drunk, sitting right next to me is gavin, writer for his book is now available. >> well done. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. i wish you could see, i'm wearing a tuxedo. >> great. >> okay. they were sorry but we weren't. 2013 was a special year for apologies. alec baldwin never used homophobic slurs again. president obama offered a man help for obamacare's troubles. the best apology comes from this man. >> with today's announcement i know i embarrassed everyone in the city and i will be forever sorry. >> he wasn't from america but we like to think of him
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Jan 5, 2014 12:30pm PST
as an indictment of the obama administration's foreign policy. senators something cane and graham detail what they perceived as major failings in a joint statement that says this. quote, when president obama withdrew all forces in iraq in 2011 over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground many predicted that the vacuum would be filled by america's enemies and would emerge as a threat to u.s. national security interests. sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever. earlier today the deputy national security adviser tony lincoln spoke with iraq's national security adviser to promise american cooperation in helping isolate that local al qaeda branch, isil, and we know they also both agreed they need to get neighboring countries involved more to help rid the area of the terrorists. greg? >> peter, thanks very much. >> fox news extreme weather alert now and historic breeze that hasn't been seen in the better part of 40 years now digging its teeth from midwest to the northeast. fresh snow is polling in making conditions worse in several places like missouri. there is a p
Dec 31, 2013 7:00am EST
obama's presidency in 2013? your pick for new story of the year. lillian in pacifica, california. you're up first, lillian. go ahead. i think the approval rating for obama is low, but i think he is doing the best for the people. i think that he -- that the people do need health care and i know so many that are so happy that they have obamacare right now. lily, what do you think about his agenda, his congressional agenda, what he wants to see past, legislation in 2014. should he be accommodating or confrontational? caller: i think the immigrations should go through. he is trying to do work for the people. i don't understand why his approval rating is so low. he is for the people. the republicans are not for the people. they never have been and never will. we are listening, lillian. caller: that's all i have to say. host: are i'd let me move on to ahmed in virginia. democratic caller, go ahead. caller: i do see the health care issue go forward for the people. everybody gets care. , what edward snowden, why you left the country and why he is telling all these things. what is hurting amer
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Jan 6, 2014 10:00am PST
to republicans, look obama care is not going great but we are not trying to help them but hurt them. and they charge that republicans are trying to hurt poor people. >> do we know how the vote is going? >> he will probably be forced to the negotiating table and the artic vortex is not only chicago but washington d.c. employees are mad at him because he put the nuclear option and so get ready for the rough stuff. >> i will get ready for the vortex. >> call it polar vortex. >> sorry, sorry. >> i know. this could cost taxpayer 25 billion over two years. are they the best way to nurse the economy back to health and get americans back to work? we'll get to that deeper in the program. >>> new developments on the california battle of a family to keep their daughter alive. jaha was declared brain dead after complications of transil surgery. claudia is back live in san francisco. claudia? >> reporter: well, bill, jaha was quietly released from the hospital in oakland and according to her lawyer undergoing procedure to give her permanent breathing tube. a center in new york is willing to acc
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Jan 5, 2014 9:00am EST
bailouts. as the individual obama care mandate kicks in new worries popping up that insurance companies will need a government rescue from obama care. here's a big reason why. so far nearly three times as many health plans getting canceled as the number of folks actually signing up d evidence those who are signing up are not the ones that insurance companies need to break even. thisews coming as we discovered our great american auto bailout was more about bailing out foreign car companies than saving the u.s. auto industry. fiat took a 100% stake in chrysler this week for a fraction of the money americans originally paid into the chrysler bailout. all this evidence that it's time to stop bailouts for good. happy new year, i david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox" in focus with steve, elizabeth, sabrina, rick and john. steve, stop all bailouts. >> dav, it's got to be done, but sadly it's not going to be done this ye. this resolution will be violated. the insurance companies are in bad shape. one of the reasons why. and they have this thing called risk in that crazy legislation will give
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Dec 30, 2013 7:00pm EST
-islam video that the obama administration tried repeatedly to cite as the cause. in a popular islamist preachers screened a clip of this video on the ultraconservative egyptian channel. american diplomats raised the alarm in washington about a growing backlash, including calls for a protest outside their embassy. in direct contrast, from the second in command. telling congress that he personally informed hillary clinton that the video was a nonevent in libya in the attack was a coordinated terrorist attack. in endorsing the assertions despite the evidence directly found. >> it's just common sense. you can see the protests. the video was clearly being used by extremist as extremists as some sort of rallying cry against the united states. >> these folks don't carry id cards and we know someone that they have taken, this includes inspiration from al qaeda ideology, certainly. that is what the investigation is looking at right now. lori: multiple sources confirming that the homeland security committee that the attacks were planned in the libyan terror group that is believed to be an offsho
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Jan 1, 2014 4:00pm PST
th, the obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance. why in the world did they say that? >> many of these problems were made when he was still trying to pass the law. the point he was trying to make very imprecisely is that this law isn't going to necessarily disrupt the insurance plans for measures. it will for some but won't for others because many people obtain their insurance through their employers. now, it's possible that employers will cancel their healthcare coverage and shift people into the exchanges. but the president was really nailed on this one. because i think his words were imprecise. >> 6 million people at least got cancellation notices. how could they not have known that one? >> they absolutely knew it was coming. but i do think that the administration gets past most of the problems with the web site. we know people have lost their health insurance and others have signed up for health insurance under obamacare, some for the first time. and the question as the new year arrives is going to be have more people lost their coverage than hav
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